The Long and Winding Road

Well folks, I have finally flipped my website  to a new web host (with much appreciation to my friend Matt who did most of the work) and changed the formatting significantly! Hopefully, this will create a much easier way for people to interact with me. There is still a little bit to be done as I intend to enable some features that will allow you to comment constructively on the articles that are posted. I’m new to this so I’m begging you to be patient! It will be sorted out soon. In the meanwhile, you can always send me an email regarding any post to

You might notice the new banner. It came with a WordPress theme that I chose and it is very different from my first attempt at designing something in Photoshop. I could have changed it to anything; and trust me, a lot of pictures were scrutinized to make the banner appealing and speak to my style. In the end, it seems that the “out of the box” picture was perfect. Not only does it represent me; but, it represents the style in which I try to communicate.

It shows a person in the distance taking a leisurely walk down a long road surrounded by trees and fields. In my mind, it represents the lives each one of us lives out. We all experience our lives with a bunch of “stuff” on either side.  We can see the “stuff” represented by the trees and the fields. I suppose some of the trees throw apples at us like they did in the Wizard of Oz. Others, I suppose, are a little friendlier and simply provide fruit or shade from the heat.

We can get sidetracked in our lives as well and venture off the road into the fields. Perhaps the field has a rampaging bull in it! Maybe there is a farmer in it ready to run you off with a shotgun. Maybe it’s a state park  where we get to take a little vacation. Yet somehow, we will all get to somewhere whether it is a field, a pit of quicksand, or the end of the path.

I say that because we can all be sidetracked in life and not really make it to where we are intended to go. There is a road there simply because it leads us to where we should be going. In the picture we don’t see the end of the road. In life, we don’t really see the end of the road either. In any case, God has a path for us to be on. This road is the path that will get us where God wants us. So, we can choose to get off the road or stay on the path. That choice is ours! We can stay in God’s will…. Or not!

And yes, I’ve done my share of off-roading; and, I suspect that you have done the same. Some have ventured further off-road and some less. After all, we are human beings and are quite prone to doing the unexpected. The question then becomes: “Will we make it back to the road?” Will we get back on track to where we should be going?

I hope you are “on the path.” If you’re not, I pray that you will find your way back…. Away from whatever that has distracted you; and, away from whatever shiny bauble that keeps you farther from your destiny. I pray for those who are not on the path God has planned for them. I hope those who are reading this will pray for them (and each other) as well. That, dear reader, is how we lift one another up!

As I finish writing this article, I notice the man in the picture is walking on the edge of the road!   Yeah…. That’s probably me.  😉

Till next time….



©2015 Casey O.Hooper

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